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  • Gull/Rocks ( China & Japan ) - Edward - Mar 08, 2020 (07:27 PM)
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Posted By: Edward Sun, Mar 08, 2020 IP: 2605:a000:132d:83c9:

My mother just inherited a picture she remembers her parents buying when they lived in Japan back in the 1960s. She has always loved this, and I have also been around it for my whole life. I have really been hoping to get her any info I can about the artist. I’ve spent a lot of time browsing online databases of artist seals, but no luck yet. I don’t see any signature other than a red seal. Mostly just looking for a name, so I can learn the story of the artist and share it with my mother.

She has always thought this is a watercolor, but I assume it is a print. Does anyone have a guess?

Here is the seal (also, hopefully, attached to this post):

Here is a detail of the work:

Here is the work so you can see positioning of the seal: | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |