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Subject:Kuninaga Works - ikebana or surimono?
Posted By: Yura Tue, Mar 03, 2020 IP:

Dear forum members!

I bring to your attention two rare works by Kuninaga - ikebana.
In addition to the author's signature, the left woodblock also has the publisher's seal - Oyama Hangorō.
I wonder how to treat these images?
These are the compositions of eminent masters of ikebana or still greetings, ie surimono.
Thanks in advance

Subject:Re: Kuninaga Works - ikebana or surimono?
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Mar 04, 2020

The inscriptions are citations from Chinese poems,
If I look at the inlet of the river, the bamboos are shining,
The lush and green pines are joining up to them
There is a plum blooming on the tall ridge
Braving the cold and being proud of winter

I could not find the source,it is probably from the Book of Songs

The swallows know the Vernal Equinox Day to leave their nests,
Chrysanthemums dare the rain to bloom for the Double Yang festival.

Citation from Huangfu Ran (714?-767?) poet of mid-Tang dynasty. Title of poem; Eastern Suburb in Autumn (秋日東郊)

Publisher's name is Oyamaya Hangoro 小山屋半五郎
The English language sites on the web are mistaken.

With regards,
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