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Subject:Need help with woodblock signature
Posted By: James Tue, Feb 25, 2020 IP:

If anyone can help with signature translation and date it is appreciated thank as always

Subject:Re: Need help with woodblock signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Feb 27, 2020

一鳳 - Ippō 
不知火 次國男 - Shironui Tsukuo
Shironui = Fictitious !!! Tsukuo = Rather artificial given name (male)

岩佐又兵衛勝以 - Iwasa Matabee Katsumochi
勝重 - Katsushige

Iwasa Matabee 1578-1650
Painter of early Edo period, pioneer of ukiyo-e
His true name was Katsumochi, Katsushige was the
name of his eldest son.

With regards,
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