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Subject:Help with translation of Chinese painting
Posted By: Ben Tue, Feb 11, 2020 IP:

Need help with the translation of my painting as cant read Chinese it thanks

Subject:Re: Help with translation of Chinese painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Feb 12, 2020

展雲 - Zhanyun (Unfolding clouds) - Pseudonym
展雲長壽 - Zhanyun with a long life

I have found one painter and two calligraphers with this pseudonym in late QIng dynasty era,
呉鵬 - Wu Peng - Active in the 1760's
Was good at painting plums.
孫毓驥 Sun Yuji 1875-1908
馮譽驥 Feng Yuji In 1841 passed state examinations
(Calligraphers also paint paintings)

With regards,
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