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Subject:A new website dedicated to Ito Sozan
Posted By: Mauro Novelli Sat, Feb 08, 2020 IP:

Dear friends who attend the Asianart forum, I am writing to you all to notify the existence of a site ( ) dedicated to the Japanese artist Ito Sozan (1884-?) who designed his woodblocks for the publisher Watanabe Shozaburo from 1908 to 1926.

I created this site trying to catalog all his prints, a couple of them I discovered right on your forum.
I hope this site will be useful to some of you and I ask you to help me to increase and complete it.

I'm looking for information about new prints, images size and Watanabe numbers printed on the back. Please write to me using Asian Art Forum or, if you agree, directly to [email protected] My site is still poorly indexed on Google, so use the link.

Thank you all.
Mauro Novelli

Link :Ito Sozan catalog

Subject:Re: A new website dedicated to Ito Sozan
Posted By: Marc S Kahn Sun, Feb 09, 2020

Mauro Novelli's new website is beautifully done and shows meticulous scholarship. Thank you, Mauro, for your efforts!

Subject:Re: A new website dedicated to Ito Sozan
Posted By: antigone Wed, Feb 12, 2020

Dear Mauro,

Thank you to show your very nice work, very well done,

Best regards,
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