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Subject:Anybody recognize this vase?
Posted By: Bob Tue, Feb 04, 2020 IP:

The bulk of the vase is definitely hand thrown, as the inside is lined with swirled marks from the potters fingers.

Although I assume the two faces were made in some kind of mold and applied once the vase had its general shape?

Not made of Porcelain. Appears to be a red/brown brick colored clay.

Looks like it was dipped twice which might help date it perhaps? There appears to be a darker brown black something underneath the eggshell colored glaze.

Was "priming" a piece of pottery before dipping in glaze ever a thing? (I assume the reason it was dipped twice is similar to our paint primer we have today?)

Crazing seems natural IMHO. Not faked.

The animal heads on the side of the vase are probably going to be the biggest tell to help give it an approximate place of manufacture.

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