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Subject: Woodblock print
Posted By: Ella Thu, Jan 30, 2020 IP:

Dear friends, can anybody translate the text and artist signature on this lovely woodblock print.It was hidden inside the frame of a Japanese painting.
Thank you in advance!

Subject:Re: Woodblock print
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Jan 31, 2020

近衛文麿 - Konoe Fumimaro
Upper seal,
文麿 - Fumimaro

Konoe Fumimaro 1891-1945 - Prime Minister of Japan (1937-1941)

The calligraphed text is the lyrics of the National Anthem of Japan
(It begins in the middle 5th - 7th lines from right, then continues 1st- 4th lines

君が代は    - Kimi ga yo wa
ちよに八千代に - chiyo ni yachiyo ni
さざれ石の - sazare ishi no
いわほとなりて - iwaho to narite
苔のむすまで - koke no musu made

May your reign,
Continue for a thousand, eight thousand
Until the tiny pebbles
Grow into massive boulder
Lush with moss

With regards,
I. Nagy

Subject:Re: Woodblock print
Posted By: Ella Sat, Feb 01, 2020

Thank you so much I.Nagy, this is great! I really appreciate it!
Kind regards,
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