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Subject:painting on silk
Posted By: Anuj Nagar Wed, Jan 22, 2020 IP:

I have an art which is on silk with natural colours, size approximately 50 X 22.5 cm with frame ( pic attached ) apparently it’s a Chinese ancient art work and some of the local art historians has claimed this art work from the Ming Dynasty, I am located in Mumbai, INDIA.

Subject:Re: painting on silk
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Jan 23, 2020

香少妍多 - Less fragrance and more beauty
甲辰朧月 阮堂雲莽畫 - Year of Wood-Dragon, December (Lunar) (...1844,1904,..) Painted by *Ruantang Yun Mang
雲莽 - Yun Mang

*Ruantang - Pseudonym

I couldn't find artist with this name and pseudonym neither in name dictionaries nor on the Chinese language web sites. However, it cannot be ruled out that he was a Korean artist.
For your reference the reading of names in Korean;
Un Mang, and the pseudonym; Wandang

From the screen the picture doesn't look a Ming Dynasty item (4-500 years old)

With regards,

Subject:Re: painting on silk
Posted By: Anuj Nagar Thu, Jan 23, 2020

Dear I.Nagy,
thanks for the information provide by you, i agree its difficult to judge a painting without a physical inspection,in fact i was told its from the Han dynasty, trust me its a very old work as its been with me since 22 yr and the person from whom i bought it had since few generations, anyways thanks for the efforts, both paintings are from the artist ?
Thanks again

Subject:Re: painting on silk
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Jan 24, 2020

Dear Anuj,
The Han dynasty closed in 220 AD. As of actual paintings remaining from from that time, equals almost none. Oldest arguable remaining paintings on silk or paper are from the Tang Dynasty.
With regards,
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