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Subject:Japanese Cups & Saucers (3)
Posted By: John Albin Sun, Jan 19, 2020 IP:

More pics

Subject:Re: Japanese Cups & Saucers (3)
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jan 20, 2020

This rice grain porcelain set actually is Chinese, Guangxu Period (1875-1908), with four-character faux base-marks of "Kangxi Nian Zhi" (Made during the Kangxi Reign). Many people apparently still believe that such porcelains are made by pressing rice grains into the clay before it is fired. This is untrue, and would otherwise make a mess of the dish. The walls of the pieces are pierced by a special tool while the clay is still damp and pliable, then after it is dry, it gets multiple coats of slip (a form of glaze) which thins out over the perforations and vitrifies in the kiln. I've got a bunch of the stuff, including those pictured below of some akin to yours and others with Guangxu mark of the period.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Japanese Cups & Saucers (3)
Posted By: John Albin Wed, Jan 22, 2020

Thanks Bill,

I appreciate your extensive help and now have much more meaning behind these famly heirlooms. Thanks again.

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