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Subject:Signed ikebana baskets
Posted By: Elora Wed, Jan 08, 2020 IP: 2a01:cb05:8362:5000:


I've got two ikebana baskets. Both are signed and I actually have one's transport case.

If anyone could help me read the kanji I would be much obliged.

Does anyone else actually use these as opposed to having them purely for decoration? I know that the cups inside are made out of lacquer/resin but I'm still nervous about actually putting plants and water in them in case I damage them.

Thanks for your time,


Subject:Re: Signed ikebana baskets
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Jan 09, 2020

Inscription on the box lid
宗全篭 - Sōzenkago
(Flower vase made of bamboo, called Sōzenbako)
White characters,
喜壽 - Kiju - 77th Birthday
宗千 - Sōsen or Shusen (Man's given name)
Maker's signature,
竹古斎 - Chikukosai

With regards,
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