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Subject:Porcelain bowl
Posted By: Natalie Sun, Jan 05, 2020 IP:

Hello all,
Could anyone please help identify the period and place of origin of this item?
Thank you!

Subject:Re: Porcelain bowl
Posted By: mikeoz Sun, Jan 05, 2020

The mark says it all: 仿大清乹隆年 Fang Da Qing QianLong nian.

"in the style of a bowl from the time of the Qing Dynasty QianLong emperor."

Subject:Re: Porcelain bowl
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jan 06, 2020

This is a Macao transfer-decorated bowl with a base-mark of "Imitation of the Great Qing Dynasty Qianlong Reign" (Fang Da Qing Qianlong Nian - 仿大清乾隆年). The website has the same mark in its archive and considers it to date to circa 1975.

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Porcelain bowl
Posted By: Mark Adams Mon, Jan 06, 2020

Said bowl is Chinese in origin and probably decorated in Hong Kong/other in the late 20th century. Very poorly painted.
Always be very careful when you see thick black outlines.
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