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  • Mug This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Natalie - Dec 29, 2019 (11:35 PM)
    • Re: Mug This post has image - Bill H - Dec 30, 2019 (09:25 PM)
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Posted By: Natalie Sun, Dec 29, 2019 IP:

Hello all,
Could anyone help me with the period/exact origin of this piece please?

Thank you in advance!

Subject:Re: Mug
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Dec 30, 2019

This Chinese mug is a Qianlong piece, late 18th century, I believe. The one on the left pictured below cost US$295.00 plus $29 shipping from the UK in 2011. The damage to yours takes a large toll on value. (It's possible I may have sent this info earlier when I was trying to back out of the post, but if so, there's no extra charge for the better comparative photos I decided to post.)

Your cups below also appear to be Qianlong-era. Some collectors fancy the metal replacement handles and staple repairs. It's possible some of them may be worth as much as US75-$100 on a good day at auction.

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