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Subject:Antique vase marking and value
Posted By: Lindsay C Mon, Dec 23, 2019 IP:


Looking for info on this vase here. I have a set of 2, 13.5 inches high. Looking for value and info on the pieces. Thanks for any help!

Subject:Re: Antique vase marking and value
Posted By: Mark Adams Tue, Dec 24, 2019

Hi Lindsay,
A little bit difficult to determine its origin/other aspects based on your pictures that are blurry.
However, it has got a chinese reign mark that has been imo badly executed.
I may be wrong but based on what I see your vase almost looks to be Japanese in origin. Based on the style of the blossom type work.
I do not believe that this vase is very old. The style and quality of the paint work appears to be stiff/rigid. The glaze looks very new with no obvious weathering.
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Subject:Re: Antique vase marking and value
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Dec 24, 2019

The lamp as shown has the sheen and immaculate white glaze of a late-20th century or subsequent product, and has an apocryphal six character mark that's read in three short stacks from the top right as "Made during the Kangxi Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty."

Though difficult to tell from the images, the piece may be transfer-decorated, perhaps a special order for a department store or other import retailer.

I wasn't able to find a pattern match among live auction sources online, but did come up with a taller one having a somewhat similar form that finally went unsold in 2017 after at least four attempts to succeed in selling it in 2016.

The red and blue underglaze decoration of Pine, flowering plum and bamboo, called "The three friends of winter" in China, has bats (wu fu) circling to remind of the "Five Blessings" (also called "Wu Fu" in mandarin), consisting of wealth, health, happiness, a long life, and a fulfilling life.

Below also are images of a Peaches & Bats bottle vase of somewhat similar form from circa 2nd-to-early 3rd-quarter of the 20th century (late Republic - early People's Republic). The white glaze used on its ground has a gray cast to it, which I believe probably will contrast to the white on yours.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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Subject:Re: Antique vase marking and value
Posted By: Mark Adams Thu, Dec 26, 2019

Thank you Bill H for your clarification/explanation of the three friends of winter. Insightful information therein.
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