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Subject:Japanese vase identification
Posted By: Justin Sun, Dec 22, 2019 IP:


I have a vase which has been in my family for ~70 years at least (conservatively). I was wondering if anyone could help me to identify it (e.g. period, etc). It's around 60-70cm tall and has three women wearing kimonos. There are no markings on the bottom of the piece. Apparently there's a matching vase that a distant relative owns.


Subject:Re: Japanese vase identification
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Dec 23, 2019

Porcelain or earthenware?
ANd what helps - even if there are no markings - is a picture of the bottom.

Subject:Re: Japanese vase identification
Posted By: Justin Tue, Dec 24, 2019

Thanks Martin, it appears to be earthenware, the green section of the exterior has a rougher texture compared to the interior, which is smooth.

The flowers on the exterior appear hand painted and stick out slightly. The women feel smooth, but are more flush with the vase (i.e. do not seem '3D', like the flowers do). I have measured it and it is 57cm tall.

I have taken some additional photos of
1) the top
2) the bottom of the piece
3) the design near the top

Any information which can be provided would be much appreciated.


Subject:Re: Japanese vase identification
Posted By: Martin Michels Thu, Dec 26, 2019


Thanks for the additional pictures.
The vase looks to me being Kyoto Satsuma ware, which - like this - is often not signed, made in the 1930's for the USA or European market.
Not real top quality, somewhat sloppy paintwork, but nice decorations to look at.
No idea about the maker.
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