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Subject:Bone ivory or cast Chinese geisha
Posted By: Mister123 Wed, Dec 18, 2019 IP: 2a02:1810:1432:100:4

Can anyone tell me what this is.

I bought this as a Christmas present for someone since i saw some colored lines in the carved? Figurine. It looks too wide to be ivory but you never know its mammuth lol?

it also haw a mark at the back, a mark i have seen before but i never saw a figure showing these color differences and lines. It would be silly to give a cast figure as a present so i ld like to be sure

Can anyone tell me more what it is and if possible what the signature says?



Subject:Re: Bone ivory or cast Chinese geisha
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Dec 18, 2019

Your pictures are a bit blurry and dark. However I think your statue is made from resin and not ivory.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Bone ivory or cast Chinese geisha
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Dec 19, 2019

This appears to be a 1920s-30s European chinoiserie creation, cast in a resinous composite, given a faux oriental marking and glued to the stand. France and England are high on the list of usual suspects as source nations. Such pieces remain favorites among interesting and usually affordable collectibles.

Best regards,

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