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Subject:Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: Alexander May Wed, Nov 27, 2019 IP:

Hello Everyone,

I have this other Japanese scroll with text and painting of a Pine tree.

The box has this sticker title attached:

"Hakuzan" 18thC. Possibly consort to Emperor Momozono, Pine, text"

Any thoughts on the artist and the meaning of the text? One of the seals tho is damaged. I'll be adding other photos once this message is posted.


Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: Alexander May Thu, Nov 28, 2019

Additional Photos

1. Text on the hanging bar
2. Pine tree painting below the calligraphy

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Nov 29, 2019

Inscriptions in my reading and rough translation,

The thousand years old Grey Dragon lies down while the moisture is being blown by a swift pure wind
which wipes off the fire smokes of June
and so it gives birth to the unspoiled spring
Flowers are asking for strenght by the *onryōs
of later days
Enkyō Era Year of Buffalo (1745)Within the First Ten Days of the Beginning of Autumn
蔵六冩九十三齢 93 Years old *Zōroku
画幷題 博山 - Picture and inscription by Hakuzan
Upper seal,
博山 - Hakuzan
礿篤 - Yakutoku - (Sincere Spring Imperial Ancestral Sacrifice) - Pseudonym ?

* onryō (怨霊) Spirit (Buddhist term)
* Zōroku (蔵六) - alternative for turtle,
in Budhism alternative term for Bhikkus (nuns)

I do have some doubts about the artist。
Yachinomiya 八千宮 1750-1797 the eight daughter (princess) of Kan'in-no-Miya Shinnō in 1789 was adopted by Emperor Momozono, later renounced her family and she became a Buddhist nun receiving the
Buddhist name 博山元敝 Hakuzan Genpei
This painting was painted before she has born.

The possible artist could have been Teruko, Princess Ake
朱宮光子内親王 1634-1727
Was born as the eight daughter of Emperor Go-Mizuno and the Lady-in-Waiting Kushige Takako. Later she was adopted by Tokugawa Masako, the consort of the emperor, so becoming a princess.
She was talented in painting in poetry, calligraphy and painting.She because of the intrigues in court she couldn't marry. Became a fully ordained Buddhist Bhikkuni (priestess) in 1678
and founded the Tenryu Temple in 1612.
Her Buddhist priest's name was Hakuzan 博山.
She painted quite a few pictures, mostly images of Buddhas etc.
Here is the problem again with the dating.
Its is dated after her death.

Do you know something about the provenance of this picture ?

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: Alexander May Fri, Nov 29, 2019

Dear I.Nagy

Sadly I don't have any information on its provenance. I got this from a local seller in Kyoto and due to my inability to communicate in Japanese I couldn't ask for further information on the scroll. All I had was the sticker label on the box from which it came from. The mounting looks new but the piece itself is quite old based from the fragility of the paper and its condition.

Does the round seal at the start of the text give further clues to the author? I also posted additional pictures of the text at the back of the scroll.

The dates indeed don't really match with the noted Hakuzans in the 18th century.

Thanks again for the information.


Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Nov 30, 2019

Pic. 1、
Contemporary ball-pointed pen written note,
書と松 - Calligraphy and pine

Pic. 2,
Brush written note,
松之幅 目櫕 蔵六 博山 三對一幅

Scroll of pine - Eye-catcher - Zōroku - Hakusan -
One of three scrolls
Could be a vintage forgery. I hope you have not paid too much for it. According to literature these types of forgeries were more common 100 years ago. Just adding inscriptions, signatures and seals to old unfinished, unsigned pictures.
Nowadays, very hard to find those kind of pictures.

Yachinomiya, the younger Hakuzan was not a
painter at all.
However, the painter Hakuzan, Teruko, Princess Ake has passed away in the age of 94.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: Alexander May Sun, Dec 01, 2019

Nothing to worry, I did not pay much for it. I wasn't expecting that it has a high value considering that it was sold for a flea market price.

I am curious now about these vintage forgeries. I would love it if you can share some of the available online references that I can read about it.

Thanks a lot for the information I.Nagy. Much appreciated.


Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Dec 03, 2019

I do have quite a few books on picture forgery topics, but unfortunately they are all printed in Japanese.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Scroll Painting
Posted By: Alexander May Tue, Dec 03, 2019

How unfortunate. It's ok.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge I.Nagy.

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