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Subject:Shimamura Sei - Floral Moriage Ewer
Posted By: Jesse Krauss Tue, Nov 26, 2019 IP:

This belonged to my grandmother. We found out what it was. Just curious if anyone has any idea what year it was made or where it came from? I know it's from Japan. Just wondered if anywhere specific, just trying to find history and curious to the rarity of the item.

Subject:Re: Shimamura Sei - Floral Moriage Ewer
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Nov 27, 2019

Meiji period export product.
I have found only one Japanese language blog site about Shimamura-sei porcelain.

According to it Shimamura Shingo 島村新吾 from Yokohama was among the Japanese exhibitors at St.Louis Expo in 1904. Except of this no more specific details can be found about him in the blog.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Shimamura Sei - Floral Moriage Ewer
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Nov 27, 2019

This is what I found out about Shimamura:

Shingo Shimamura was a decorating shop in Kyoto. It specialized in the mass production of export ware for which there was no domestic market in Japan. The studio was doubtless like the hundreds of others in Kyoto, little more than a shop employing young paintresses with good eyesight and a steady hand. These shops produced every conceivable type of Japanese ceramic decoration under one roof, from Kutani to Imari to Satsuma style decorated porcelain to moriage encrusted Nippon ware.

Shimamura opened a store selling Japanese imports in Atlantic City, (New Jersey) in 1888. He was also an active participant at the World Trade Fair of Chicago in 1904, where he exhibited expertly made porcelain with lavish moriage slip decoration on eggshell porcelain that was particularly well received by the American public.

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