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Subject:Japanese lacquer bowls - box inscription translation?
Posted By: TimG Sun, Nov 17, 2019 IP: 2603:3010:14b8:0:d89

I bought this Japanese set of lacquer bowls some years ago and always wondered what the inscriptions on the wood box say. I would appreciate the help.

The person I bought them from stated that her relative was married to Charlie Chaplin, I believe his 3rd wife, but my memory is not clear.

The claim was that Chaplin was very interested in Asian art, but his wife was not, so he gifted his collection to family members.

I can't find any info linking Chaplin to having ever been a recognized collector of Asian antiquities.

The box has remnants of a Japanese newspaper dating to 1934, but despite my very poor photo of one of the bowls, the Make-i gold lacquer is very delicately done - the set has never been used, so despite some bowls warping slightly, the condition is superb.

I suspect Meiji period, but my hope is that the writing will identify the artist, date, and maybe whom the bowls were originally gifted.

Many Thanks!

Subject:Re: Japanese lacquer bowls - box inscription translation?
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Nov 18, 2019

They are Wajima lacquered bowls,
金蒔絵厚物椀 - Kin-makie atsumono wan - Gold lacquered thick bowls
弐十人前 ノ中 - Niju-nin mae no naka - Twenty
pieces set inside
弐十人前 ノ中 - Twenty pieces set inside
厚物椀 - Thick bowls

The label says that in case of quality related complaints the shop replaces the article or refund the price.

The newspaper page dates the 34th year of Shōwa
era which corresponds to 1959. I think your bowls were made around that time, but certainly not in Meiji era.

With regards,
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