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Subject:Request help identifying mark on Japanese saucer
Posted By: Carmen Jac Wed, Nov 13, 2019 IP:

Greetings all,

After ample research, I can't seem to find any clue as to what this mark on the back of my 6-piece porcelain saucer set means.

I'd be forever thankful if you could take a look at the pictures attached / visit the Flickr album for more photos of the set.

Kind regards,

Link :Images saucer set

Subject:Re: Request help identifying mark on Japanese saucer
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Nov 17, 2019

The reading of this marking is
半 han inside of 乁, straight shanked hook which is called in Japanese "kane" (金)= metals. It is not a Chinese (Japanese) character, but a trademark.

With regards,
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