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Subject:identify a chinese vase or tea caddy without lid
Posted By: Stefanie Riedel Wed, Oct 16, 2019 IP: 2003:cf:ff47:2000:80

I hope you can help me.
I would like to know how old this vase or the tea pot is, or from which Emperor period.
Unfortunately I do not know anything about it, but bought it in France. It is very small (5.12 inch height), like the measurements of a tea buddy. But the lid is missing.
Thinking it must be Chinese piece.
Many thanks for answers.

the pictures:

Subject:Re: identify a chinese vase or tea caddy without lid
Posted By: Stefanie Riedel Wed, Oct 30, 2019

Does no one have in idea?

I have added two more pictures.
It is also painted on the other side which is not shown in the pictures.

I have washed it on the bottom side, I can see a tiny chinese sign/ inscrictpion, looks like pressed in or painted in and then clear glaze over it, it is colorless.

I could upload it but I have to do some pictures first. It is very tiny, approx. 1 millimetre or below measured.
The vase is, I mean, a peach blossom (copper) glaze, without a clear glaze over.
And the green I dont know, I only knew that these glazes could also appear green when using a different burning/firing time.
The green parts are glazed clear over it, maybe in the pictures this did not appear.

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