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Subject:Hallmark identification Chinese vase
Posted By: Phil Tue, Oct 08, 2019 IP: 2001:56a:f632:6d00:e

I am interested to know if anyone can identify the mark of this Chinese vase? It belonged to my great -grandparents when they lived in Indonesia. Due to this time-frame, my grandfather believes it is from the 19th century. Any help is appreciated.

Subject:Re: Hallmark identification Chinese vase
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Oct 09, 2019

This is an apocryphal Ming mark of "Cheng hua Nian Zhi" ("Made during the Chenghua Reign"). This style of crackle glaze vase with "Warring States" or "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" motif is associated with the Guangxu Period (1875-1908) and later. Yours does appear stylistically to be an earlier version, in my opinion. Here are images of a pair of 8.75-inch Guangxu-period vases from my collection for comparison.

Best regards,

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