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Subject:Temple Rubbing 5' Tall - Thailand
Posted By: Jimmy N Sun, Oct 06, 2019 IP: 2600:8800:485:cf00:f

This temple rubbing was owned by famous trombonist/singer, "Jack Teagarden". The story is, that Jack was playing with "Louis Armstrong", in Thailand, for the Queen of Thailand, in the 1940s. Jack's wife, Addie, mentioned to the Queen, that she loved this temple rubbing, which was hanging, in the palace. The Queen had it rolled up, and given to Addie, on their departure to the States. It was willed to me, 30 years ago. I have 0hotographs of the rubbing, hanging on the Teagarden's dining room wall, in the 1950s.
I've always wanted to know if the rubbing was actually created in Thailand, and if there is any way of dating it.

Thank you, very much, again, for your help.

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