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Subject:Mark on Modern Ceramic?
Posted By: Lance William Frazer Wed, Sep 04, 2019 IP: 2601:204:4000:dfa8:c

It's a well-decorated pitcher, about 10 inches high (including the top). Has a mark on the bottom reading "JFGI" in front of a stylized mountain. I'm not imagining that the pitcher has any age to it, merely curious about what individual or enterprise the letters represent. Appreciate any help.

Subject:Re: Mark on Modern Ceramic?
Posted By: Martin Michels Thu, Sep 05, 2019

I've never seen this mark before, so I don't know what JFGI means, perhaps someone else knows. Because it's Japanese the sequence of JFGI might be different?

What I do know is that this is Kutani ware, in my opinion from the 1930's.

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