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Subject:Help translating an inscription
Posted By: F. Mina Sat, Aug 03, 2019 IP:


I own a ink painting of a bird flying in front of the moon, is japanese and maybe +50 years old. It has the following inscriptions and seals, Can anyone help me translating?

Thank you for your time,
F. Mina

Subject:Re: Help translating an inscription
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Aug 04, 2019

鶴川儀 - Kakusen Gi
Upper seal.
儀之印 -  Gi no in - Seal of Gi
Lower seal,
佳日軒 - Kajitsu-ken (Good Day Study) - Pseudonym

Inscription on the back,
岡田鶴川筆 - Painted by Okada Kakusen
月とx鳥 - Moon and x bird

Okada Kakusen 岡田鶴川 Nanga painter,Birth and death unknown、Active between 1830-1844,
Edo-born, grandson of Okada Kanrin
Real name was Gi 儀

With regards,
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