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Subject:A Chinese painting with several seals
Posted By: Hee Woo Wed, Jul 31, 2019 IP:

I have this Chinese painting which has several seals on it.

I want to know whose seals these are.

Please help me to find the name on these seals.

Subject:Re: A Chinese painting with several seals
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Aug 01, 2019

These are the seals used in Qing imperial collections.
三希堂精鑑璽 - Inspected by the Hall of Rarities
宜子孫 ‐ Children and grandchildren
Both used by the Qing Emperor Qianlong

宣統御覧之寶 - Treasure Seen by Xuantong
嘉慶御覧之寶 - Treasure Seen by Jiaqing

石渠寶笈 Shiqu Baoji
is the name given to the catalogues of the Qing Imperial Collections of Chinese painting and calligraphy during the Qianlong period.
寶笈三編 - Baoji Sanbian
宣統鑑賞 - Appreciated by Xuantong
無逸斎精鍳璽 - Wuyizhai Choice Imperial seal, -
used by Xuantong Emperor (Pu Yi)

With regards,
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