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Subject:Help with advice on an early 20th C vase
Posted By: James Watson Sat, Jul 20, 2019 IP:

We would be grateful to know a little more about this vase - it was moved from Australia to the U.K. when a family member relocated, and was originally belonging to my other half’s parent or grandparent I’m not sure, so we’re assuming early
1900’s, but we’re unsure? Would it be the type of thing that might do well at a U.K. auction? It’s very heavy and about 80cm high

Subject:Re: Help with advice on an early 20th C vase
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Jul 20, 2019

In my opinion, your vase looks to be no older than a 3rd quarter, 20th century or somewhat more modern decorative product with an overpainted motif likely consisting of transfer-printed pattern components, which usually are cut & applied separately to a pre-fired ceramic base before enameling and re-firing. The giveaways are black outlines that look more like a newspaper print than freeform brushwork, the brassy gold, and excessive weight, which comes from using a heavier crackled stoneware type of pottery instead of lighter porcelain blank for the vase. The unglazed areas on the stoneware also have fired to a reddish color associated in modern time with gas-fired kilns.

All things considered, the sheer size of your vase might carry it to a US$150-US$250 price in competitive bidding. However, I could not find a precise pattern match for this one in recent live auctions, and I suspect from the unfinished bottom of yours that it originally was made and sold like this for easier drilling as a lamp base. In any event, I'd urge you to review Chinese crane vases at to get a better feel for value yourself. Meanwhile I share the interesting journey of the following crane vase (Links) which is near the height of yours, looks late 20th Century, and also appears to be transfer decorated but in a somewhat superior manner to yours. It is difficult to say for certain if it ever really sold of if the seller was just enforcing an unlisted reserve.

Best regards,

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