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Subject:Chinese painting
Posted By: Hee Woo Jung Tue, Jul 09, 2019 IP:

Hi, can you help me with this Chinese painting?

I do not understand what it says in Chinese in the painting. Also, I am curious who painted this.

I appreciate any help with this painthing.
Thank you!

Subject:Re: Chinese painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Jul 16, 2019

My reading and rough translation of inscriptions,

Right over my head thousand years old pines and
the ranges over ranges of Daishan Mountain
The emerald green of verdure hides the landscape with mountains, streams, rivers and fishermen.
An old man is carrying a fishing net.

Year of Water-Rooster (1813)
Ximei-jushi Gu Luo

西某*氏 *(某→楳=梅)- Master Ximei

Gu Luo 顧洛 1763-cca.1837
Painter from Qiántáng, Zhejiang (Now Hangzhou)
His courtesy name was Ximei. He was good in painting ladies, landscapes, mountains and rivers.

With regards,
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