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Posted By: MariaRR Thu, Jul 04, 2019 IP:

Hi, is there someone who can tell me something about these two scroll-paintings? I bought them at an auction in Sweden a few years ago. They are very beautiful, but it would be exciting to hear from any knowledgeable person when they may have been painted, and possibly who the wise man could be? Is it a Chinese painting, and the one with the eagle maybe Japanese? wondering with beest regards/MariaRR

Subject:Re: scroll-painting
Posted By: Botan Sun, Jul 21, 2019


Two scrolls are Japanese painting.

About a picture of the hawk, the stamp says "Soga"(曽我).
Soga is big name and very famous Soga Shohaku(曽我蕭白).
If it's an originl painting, it's museum class.ōhaku

Subject:Re: scroll-painting
Posted By: MariaRR Mon, Jul 22, 2019

Dear Botan,
I am extremely grateful for your response.
Of course, this leads to new issues.
If the painting is as old as from the 1700s, should I have the painting up on the wall? It is now hanging in a room that is often dark and without direct sunlight, but what do you recommend?
The next question is whether there is any muesum or expert who could possibly look further at the painting? I Think that if it is a Soga Shohaku maybe it is of interest to know about it's existens. It was purchased from Sweden's leading auction company Bukowskis, and comes from a well-known collector's collection, but since it was a death estate that sold the painting in the middle of the summer, and the "summer-experts" at the auction firm might not have been experts on Japanese painting.
It is amazingly beautiful and perfect in the details. And of course I would still appreciate it, even if it would be a copy! :)
I send additional pictures, so you can decide for yourself. Thank You again for the answer! Best regards/MariaRR | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |