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Subject:Satsuma mark
Posted By: margaret gaerig Wed, Jul 03, 2019 IP: 2603:9009:70e:d900:4

Hello - I have had this charger in my collection for quite some time. It is 14-1/4"W x 2-1/4", and presumed to be made in the late 1800s-early 1900s.
I understand that the mark on the underside references "Shimazu", and possibly "Hododa" (an artist? A pottery workshop?), but several characters appear different from other markings identified on this site. Additionally, I don't know if the characters identify the pottery house, the specific maker, or other identifying information. Help with translation and understanding would be greatly appreciated...

Subject:Re: Satsuma mark
Posted By: Martin Michels Thu, Jul 04, 2019

The mark reads: Dai Nippon 大日本 - Satsuma Yaki 薩广焼 - Hododa 保土田 = Great Japan - Satsuma ware - Hododa.

The 2nd character of Satsuma 广 - often seen on Hododa's items - is a shortened form of the normal character 摩.

In 1893 he opened his store in Yokohama: Hododa Shoten.
In 1897 he became a manufacturer and exporter of Satsuma ware, fine arts, curiosities, etc. from Yokohama to the USA and Europa So from that time on, it's likely that Satsuma pieces with Hododa's name were made for him and not by him. His pottery falls into so-called Yokohama Satsuma. His products were made under demand at small factories and studios, set up quickly to meet foreign demands.


Subject:Re: Satsuma mark
Posted By: margaret gaerig Fri, Jul 05, 2019

Martin, thank you for your reply. This information about Hododa is new to me, and greatly helps in my understanding of this piece.

Subject:Re: Satsuma mark
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 04, 2019

The mark reads down and across from the right as "Imperial or Great Japan" (Dai Nippon), "Satsuma Ware" (Satsuma yaki, underneath the Shimazu crest), and Hododa, who was artist, maker and exporter. See the link for a recent related exchange in the forum.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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Subject:Re: Satsuma mark
Posted By: margaret gaerig Fri, Jul 05, 2019

Thank you for your response, Bill - you are helping me to learn... | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |