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Subject:Chinese Imari?
Posted By: Shea Mon, Jul 01, 2019 IP:

Hello Forum Members,
I acquired this saucer from an antique shop a few months ago simply because I really liked it. I think it is Chinese Imari but the mark has me confused because it looks like a Japanese mark to my inexperienced eyes. Can someone confirm whether it is Chinese or Japanese and approximate an age? Also, any information about the mark is greatly appreciated as well. The diameter is about 5 inches and the weight is very light, not as light as eggshell but light compared to other porcelain dishes of about the same size.

Subject:Re: Chinese Imari?
Posted By: Martin Michels Tue, Jul 02, 2019

The mark reads: Fuku 福 (= good luck).
That mark is found on Japanese ceramics.
I don't think it's Imari, the red with gold decoration (Aka-e) makes it more Kutani ware.
Looking at the white of the foot rim and the lack of any wear, I don't think it's old, post WW2 I guess.

Subject:Re: Chinese Imari?
Posted By: Shea Tue, Jul 02, 2019

Hi Martin,
Thanks for responding. My thought of "Chinese Imari" is based on the definition that is listed on the Gotheborg site: red overglaze, gilt, and underglaze blue and white. I agree that the dish is not very old; thinking that if it was in fact Chinese it would possibly be from late Republic period.

Subject:Re: Chinese Imari?
Posted By: Jonathan Mon, Jul 15, 2019

It is Kutani.

Subject:Re: Chinese Imari?
Posted By: Shea Mon, Jul 15, 2019

Thank you, Jonathan. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |