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Subject:Bouddha bronze&copper statue
Posted By: cimage Mon, Jul 01, 2019 IP:

Greetings to all,

I'm having trouble in identifying this bouddha statue.
It's 22 cm high. It's in two parts, the base with the lotus petals and the upper part. I'm sure the base is in copper, or copper alloy, but I'm not so sure of the upper part : is it bronze or copper/copper alloy? Probably the same as the base although not 100% sure.
It has characteristics of embossed copper, but it is carved also. The underbaze is missing.

The main feature of this statue would be the gilding. It is crackled all over, almost like in crackle glaze porcelain. I haven't found anything similar yet. Probably that would be the identifying lead on this statue. Although I guess it to be chinese all in all. Still to be confirmed, and then it remains the period...

Comments and opinions very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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