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Subject:Good looking yellow incised bowl. seal mark
Posted By: Xbet Fri, Jun 28, 2019 IP:

Hello, ok, so all i do know as fact this bowl is at least 50 years old, my dad broke it and sold it to a restorer who i then bought it back off, you can only see the restoration with a light behind it, i know its (probably pretending to be) a Qianlong falangcai bowl, i just thought it was really pretty and better than a 1950's repro, where my dad got it from he cant remember so i cant go back more than 50 years, what im curious to know is a general opinion on if its a republican copy 19th century copy or (0.00000001% chance fingers crossed) it could be an 18th century, i cant read Chinese just follow the dot to dot on the marks so all i know its Qianlong, but how good/bad the mark is or the form of the bowl i dont know, any info would be greatly appreciated, i just cant find out more than i have, and the people here seem to have such great knowledge,
Kind regards Xbet

Subject:Re: Good looking yellow incised bowl. seal mark
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Jul 01, 2019

In my opinion, while your bowl certainly merits a commendation of "attractive", and the mark is in the ballpark with some seen during the Qianlong period, I think you're correct to assume it isn't a period piece. It looks to me like more of a late Qing or Republic-era product, with its mainstream and very commercial 'Bird & Flower' decoration. However good it might be, it still lacks the polish of above-average "Minyao" (Popular) wares produced well into the 19th and early 20th century. This judgement comes cumulatively from an uneven brushstroke here, an overly opaque enamel there and other clues such as a much too perfect white glaze at the base for a late Qing dating. Also applicable, the archive shows much the same marks that their experts date to the 1930s & 40s.

For comparison, I've attached some images of a Jurentang (Presidential Palace) vase from the general period of 1915-16 or later Republic era to show the kind of superior, finely executed decoration that might actually compete with the better late Qing Minyao export wares. I have no doubt that it was produced by the Jiangxi Porcelain Company, which had been established in 1910 and absorbed assets of the Imperial Kiln when the Qing dynasty fell.

Best regards,

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