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Subject:Request for id mark
Posted By: Raest Mon, Jun 17, 2019 IP:

Hello, can anyone help me with identification of this mark (first photo) on a brass kettle? Other photos depict the kettle and one of the detail.
Thank you, and best regards!

Subject:Re: Request for id mark
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jun 19, 2019

Marking reads,
乾隆御製 - Made by the Imperial Order of Qianlong - An apocryphal mark
Inscriptions on the side,
多聞天王 - The One Who Hear Distinctly
持國天王 - The Upholder of the Nation
Buddhist gods, two Heavenly Kings of the Four.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Request for id mark
Posted By: Raest Thu, Jun 20, 2019

Thank you very much!
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