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Subject:Chinese wood pendant
Posted By: John M. Mon, Jun 17, 2019 IP:

Hello, I'm looking for any information about this chinese wood object, i believe it is some kind o pendant because it have a small hole. Some information about antiquity or use will be veru helpfull.

Subject:Re: Chinese wood pendant
Posted By: Xbet Wed, Jun 26, 2019

Hi, i would agree it would probably be a pendant, but at a guess from these photos i wouldnt say its wood, more likely horn, or a resin to simulate horn, but i would need more clear photos for a better guess on what it is made of, but for date, it would depend on the substance it was made from. but it does look more horn
just so you can see, in the second photo can you see the red area on the right, and how it is a little translucent, this effect is not on wood,
there is an example of a "horn pendant"
(again its really hard to tell resin from horn in photos)
i know this is not a great help but i hope it helps a little

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