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Subject:Mystery Jade Object
Posted By: William Spencer Sat, Jun 15, 2019 IP:

Greetings from Portland, Or USA. A colleague graciously recommended Mr. Lawrence Lewis to me- and my search for him led me to this forum. This is another piece that has us completely flabbergasted. Purchased with an Imari cat and an amethyst jade urn from an estate not long ago, but separated from the appraisal which held all of the identification information. Like our other mystery, this once had a very high price on it- which we have no idea if it is even close to reality. We did not purchase this based on that price ($4250). The only provenience we have on this group is the card you can view in the picture link. I have once again exhausted all avenues that I am aware of in identifying its origins, meaning or significance. I believe it is spinach jade, possibly Japanese and beyond that I am clueless. Any assistance in unlocking this mystery for us would be greatly appreciated. I am including a link with many more photos. Please excuse the poor quality of the images- I struggled to get good lighting.

Link :Additional Jade Object Pictures

Subject:Re: Mystery Jade Object
Posted By: Mark Adams Sun, Jun 16, 2019

Hi William,
Hefty asking price indeed!
Firstly, Chinese not Japanese.
Chinese GUI or tablet in archaic style/form.
Based on additional pictures in link IMO this GUI is modern. I see tell- tale signs of modern tool mark runoffs.
Evidence of lack of skill applied. Hastily crafted and finished.
The calligraphy style IMO is substandard.
Wise decision in leaving it aside.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Mystery Jade Object
Posted By: Super Mon, Jun 17, 2019

Agree completely with Mark. Subpar material, not jade, and subpar workmanship.

Subject:Re: Mystery Jade Object
Posted By: William Thu, Jun 20, 2019

Thank you again for the keen insight Mark. I am striving every day to become slightly less ignorant. Thank you for helping teach me. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |