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Subject:Proliferation of Fake Chinese Porcelain
Posted By: Anthony J Allen Wed, Jun 12, 2019 IP: 2407:7000:81a5:1400:

Three years have elapsed since the publication of the second edition of my latest book: "Allen's Antique Chinese Porcelain; The Detection of Fakes". Buyers continue to ignore at their peril, the warning signs, many of which I mentioned earlier.

1. Pairs. The appearance of pairs of mark and period saucer dishes and bowls requires a second look, as some will be genuine, but an even greater number will be copies or new designs, usually bearing Ming or Qing dynasty reign marks..

2. Finely levigated white foot rims with the appearance of chalk, often without impurities, can be another warning signal.

3. A faint yellow line on the inside of the foot rim is usually an indicator of modern manufacture, particularly of vases.

4. The absence of wear and manufacturing defects, including warping.

5. Custom fitted boxes, frequently offered with modern stands and sometimes bearing a distressed paper or adhesive label with calligraphy.

6. Under glaze blue reign marks of the incorrect hue, more often than not without the variations in density to be found on period examples.

Note I have not referred to these modern pieces as fakes or reproductions, as many of them differ in shape and design from the originals. They can however be of exceptionally high quality and will undoubtedly be the antiques of tomorrow.

I have illustrated, as an example, a pair of modern lidded bowls offered recently on the internet.

As with almost every rule in Chinese porcelain, there will be an exception.

I trust readers find my comments helpful, and welcome comments or constructive criticism, which I may add to a third edition.

Subject:Re: Proliferation of Fake Chinese Porcelain
Posted By: Bill H. Fri, Jun 14, 2019

Tony, thanks much for the invaluable reminder. Your latest book should be required reading. I've heard tell of ethnic Chinese dealers beyond the Mainland who simply have stopped buying anything described as antique that's shipped from there these days. EBay and online live auctions are lousy with fake antiques undoubtedly made to deceive, not only porcelains but bronzes; the list goes on, unfortunately.

Best regards,

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