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Subject:Identification of a set of vases/urns
Posted By: Erica Tue, Jun 11, 2019 IP:

I have a set of 4 beautiful vases and urns that I would love to learn more about if possible. Three pieces are near identical (2 vases and a lidded urn) and the fourth piece (lidded urn) is somewhat different. The three near identical pieces all have the same stamp on the bottom that is in a decorative rectangle. The fourth piece has a different insignia on the bottom (please see pictures). I was told by the family who owned it previously that their grandfather bought it in Japan around 1915 - Pre World War I. Sorry if the printing is upside down. I don't know how to read it at all. Any information would be tremendously appreciated! Thank you!!

Subject:Re: Identification of a set of vases/urns
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Jun 12, 2019

Kutani ware, late Meiji period circa 1900.

2nd Picture: Okumura 奥村 Ga 画 - Kutani 九谷 Sei 製 - Kaga 加賀 Kuni 国 = Painted by Okumura - Made in Kutani - Kaga province.

3th Picture: Kutani 九谷 - Moriyoshi 森芳 Sei 製 = Kutani - Made by Moriyoshi. According the Japanese Kanji Name Dictionary the name is Mori (last name) and Yoshi (female first name).

I could not find any info about the 2 artists.


Subject:Re: Identification of a set of vases/urns
Posted By: Erica Wed, Jun 12, 2019

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