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Subject:Antique Japanese scrolls identification request
Posted By: Spartakos Sun, Jun 09, 2019 IP: 2403:6200:88a2:df71:

Dear forum members
I am trying to find out the artists to whom the below signatures belong.
Thank you.

Subject:Re: Antique Japanese scrolls identification request
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jun 10, 2019

宗一 - Sōichi
宗印 ‐ Seal of Sō

Inscription (Left),
宗一先生観世音 - Sōichi-sensei Kanzeon - Goddess of Mercy by Master Sōichi

華雲題 - Kaun-dai - Title by Kaun
Upper seal,
西村 - Nishimura
Lower seal,
華雲 - Kaun

I could not identify either of the artist, presumanly monk and calligrapher.
I am still searching for the third name.

With regards,
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