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Subject:Blue White Porcelain Dish
Posted By: Janice Mon, Jun 03, 2019 IP:

Can anyone help me with any information at all about this bowl/dish?
I was gifted 3 of these and I don't know if they are old or recent.
I think they are Chinese, but not certain.

Subject:Re: Blue White Porcelain Dish
Posted By: Jonathan Mon, Jun 03, 2019

Chinese. Qianlong mark and probably of the period. Need better photos to be sure but the foot ring looks good. There should be some gritting on the outside of the rims due to handling over the last 200 years. If they are perfect then likely an apocryphal Mark.

Subject:Re: Blue White Porcelain Dish
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Jun 05, 2019

Sorry, this plate is not a genuine qianlong period plate.
The birds are done childishly with crosses. The outer rim is almost a blob as is the centre. The Phoenix looks like something from the 1930's.Plate has been done with absolutely no skill and has been done with haste.
The foot rim is too dark!
Should be a light oatmeal colour and without the crazed/pitted/scraped look.
Overall a poor copy.
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