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Subject:Dragon 4" Porclain blue White Information Appreciated
Posted By: Gail S Wed, May 29, 2019 IP:

I was able to learn a lot about another piece I posted here 6 months ago and would enjoy knowing about this piece if anyone recognizes the maker mark on the bottom and can share their knowledge. It's about 4" round, dragon dish in porcelain.Chinese I would guess? but when ??thank you.

Subject:Re: Dragon 4" Porclain blue White Information Appreciated
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Jun 02, 2019

The mark (which is displayed upside down) reads: Kozan 庫山 Gama 窯 (Kozan kiln).

This Kozan Gama was founded in 1971 (Kozangama) and is a house brand of the Maebata China Corporation, Tajimi City (Gifu). Kozan Gama is still in operation today. Mainly producer of modern Japanese tableware for export to Europe and USA.
Wares with this mark are Mino Yaki (Mino ware).

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