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Subject:Contemporary Chinese Watercolours
Posted By: Thomas Mezei Tue, May 28, 2019 IP:

I would like to kindly ask if anyone can help me with 5 watercolours. I bought them about 10 years ago at a local chinese market,because they are very decorative,and large- but apart from that I know nothing else. Can someone perhaps help and tell me when and by whom they are? Thank you very much for your kind help. Great site.

Subject:Re: Contemporary Chinese Watercolours
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, May 30, 2019

秋野龝香 - Autumn meadow, autumnal fragrances
辛未年春月 - Year of Metal-Sheep (1991)Spring Month
寶崑寫於沽上 - Painted by Baokun at Gushang
(Gushang is a part of Tianjin)
Upper seal,
郭氏 - Guo-shi (Master Guo) ‐ Family name
Lower seal,
寶昆 - Baokun - Given name (Female)

荷塘逸趣圖 - Picture of refined interest on lotus pond
辛未清明筆於沽上 - Year of Metal-Sheep (1991) Pure Brightness (Qingming) Festival Time at Gushang (Part of Tianjin City)
Upper seal,
東方 ‐ Donfang - Pseudonym
Lower seal,
有幸 - Youxing - Pseudonym

These two pseudonyms belong to Zheng Bensan
鄭本三 contemporary Tianjinese painter.

Pic. 3,
雄鳳 - Phoenix
辛未仲春 - Year of Metal-Sheep (1991) Mid-Spring
家祐寫於津 - Painted by Jieyou at Jin(gu) (Tianjin)

Yu Jieyu 隋家祐 
According to Chinese language sites, he is an art teacher in a Tianjin school, member of Tianjin Branch of Chinese Artists Association.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Contemporary Chinese Watercolours
Posted By: Thomas Mezei Thu, May 30, 2019

Dear Imre,
Thank you very much - koszonom szepen a segitseget!
With Kind Regards,
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