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Subject:Japanese planter
Posted By: mari Mon, May 27, 2019 IP:

Hi. I have this planter i think is japanese but not sure, any idea on mark,age or origin would be welcome :)

Subject:Re: Japanese planter
Posted By: mikeoz Tue, May 28, 2019

Made in China, as stated in the mark.

Subject:Re: Japanese planter
Posted By: Bill H Wed, May 29, 2019

The mark, as Mikeoz notes, reads "Made in China" (Zhongguo Zhi Zao - 中國制造). This mark, the crackle glaze and the resemblance to Japanese wares suggest this may be a late 20th century product, which is around the time the site indicates such China-made products as the "Royal Satsuma" brand began production.

Best regards,

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