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Subject:Chinese intricate carved cabinet: 1912 - 1950
Posted By: Rory Cohen Thu, May 23, 2019 IP:

Friends, I have a beautiful hand carved cabinet that was my grandmothers. I have had it identified in China (through pictures) as being from the New Republic of China, 1912 - 1950. In looking at images of other pieces, I've never seen anything as intricate as this. It was damaged when the movers brought it to my home, and they repaired it, but apparently not well. pieces are still breaking off the top. Can this be repaired? How should i be caring for it?

Link :

Subject:Re: Chinese intricate carved cabinet: 1912 - 1950
Posted By: TimG Fri, May 24, 2019

This is a nicely carved cabinet from Canton that I would date to late Qing (19th c) rather than 20th c Republic. I have not seen one of this design or size, but you can Google Canton boxwood boxes and chests and you will see the similarities in the in the carvings and inlay.

It can be fixed by skilled carver, such as Ron Fromkin in South Florida, but I don't know if the shipping would cause more damage which means you might be best to bring it to him, then pick up at a later time.

You can contact Ron at

Ron is an exceptional carver and has worked on several of my best ivory and wood pieces - I've never been disappointed.

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