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Subject:Japanese Mixed Metal Charger- W/Calligraphy- Translation?
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Thu, May 23, 2019 IP:

A heavy, mixed metal charger with a yin-yang theme, represented by the yin-tiger, and the yang-dragon, in a display of a balance of power between opposing forces.
I am hoping to learn the translation for the writing that's on the back, and possibly, if not available in the translation, an approximate time frame as to when the piece may have been made

Diam: 9"; 22.9 cm

Weight: 3lbs 10 oz, 1.6 kilograms
Thank you as always for all comments

Kind regards


Subject:Re: Japanese Mixed Metal Charger- W/Calligraphy- Translation?
Posted By: mikeoz Thu, May 23, 2019

What an interesting inscription. I think it is pure fantasy - but still interesting.

I have deciphered most of the characters, but wouldn't attempt a translation. I leave that to others.

It appears to read: 大漢昭烈帝(鄉)(?)五虎狩馬昭永用.

The first character in parentheses I am not completely sure of, the second I can't see at all, but the rest all seem correct.

There was an emperor Zhou of the Han dynasty. He may have been impetuous, and he may well have gone hunting five tigers on his horse.

If there are any scholars of Bronze script out there, they might like to weigh in on the translation. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |