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Subject:qi baishi art
Posted By: david Tue, May 21, 2019 IP: 2607:fea8:1c1f:f90f:

Okay guys, here we go! Qi Baishi; print or painting? Thank you! David

Subject:Re: qi baishi art
Posted By: mikeoz Wed, May 22, 2019

While I cannot be 100% sure, as the slightly less than crisp seal impression asks a question. But I think this is most probably a RongBaoZhai multiple woodblock print. As I have mentioned before, these prints are extremely difficult to tell from an original.

Amazing skill in depicting the crabs by a 95 year old man.

Subject:Re: qi baishi art
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, May 22, 2019

九十五歳 白石 - Ninety five years old Baishi
大齊  - Daqi (Pseudonym)
Most likely a Rong Bao Zhai watercolor block reprint.

With regards,
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