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Subject:Need help identifying... again
Posted By: Heather Wed, May 15, 2019 IP: 2603:9001:6b09:8d00:

I need any and all information on this item. It's a couple feet tall and very heavy. I can provide more pictures if needed! Thank you in advanced!

Subject:Re: Need help identifying... again
Posted By: Bill H Thu, May 16, 2019

From the appearance of the clay and general manner of sculpting and painting, I'd speculate that your warrior was made at the same kilns that produce so-called "Mudmen" at Shiwan (previously transliterated as "Shekkwan"), in the suburbs of the Guangdong Provincial capital of Guangzhou.

I've never owned or handled this particular figure but would again guess it dates to the late 20th century or subsequently. It somewhat resembles figures made to adorn roofs, but the latter items more often seem to be made of weather-resistant porcelain, and since this looks to be soft-paste pottery, which is vulnerable to the elements, it probably was made for indoor use, to include as a decorative lamp base.

Best regards,

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