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Subject:Need help identifying this
Posted By: abdul Fri, May 03, 2019 IP: 2600:6c55:7900:f2a:f

This may be the prize of the collection of Chinese artifacts that i inherited. Its significance is marked by the fact that the paper in which its printed is covered in what appears to be real gold flakes. What is this? And how old is it? Can someone please help with translation? Thank you.
Dimensions are 29"x 21"

Subject:Re: Need help identifying this
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, May 04, 2019

規條續款 - Continuation of Regulations
光緒二十五年元月 吉日
On an auspicious day of January, 25th Year of Guangxu (1899)
海宴公所謹敬 - Haiyan Public Affairs Office Respectfully
(Seemingly an association of fellow provincials)

With regards,
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