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Subject:Need Help Identifying
Posted By: Abdul Hackim Mon, Apr 29, 2019 IP: 2600:6c55:7900:f2a:e

I also inherited this as a part of a larger collection. Can you tell me what it is? How old it is?

Subject:Re: Need Help Identifying
Posted By: mikeoz Wed, May 01, 2019

You didn't give dimensions, which would have been a help.

Your object appears to be the printing block for a form of certificate or receipt from a guild or society called HaiYan HuiGuan 海宴會館 This group appears to have some association with things maritime as the top panel reads BoLun Bu 砵仑埠 (Hai means ocean and Bu is a port).

From the spaces provided to write the date, this dated from the GuangXu 光緒 emperor's reign which was 1875 to 1908.

The three main characters in the centre panel read GuanDiYin 館底銀 which could be translated as the silver in the bottom of the bowl. and the following characters read DaYuan 大員.

I’ve had a look at the other items and they all appear to be seals. What I find interesting is that they are all wooden (box wood by the look) rather than some harder material like stone.

The latter two wooden seals mention HanShou 漢壽 which was a city during the Three Kingdoms era, but more likely refer to the present HanShou County in Hunan province. On one of them I recognised the character Bao 寶 meaning treasure. The style of carving is often associated with Buddhist monks or associations. It is often quite difficult to read, but I will continue to try to decipher them for you.

Subject:Re: Need Help Identifying
Posted By: Abdul Thu, May 02, 2019

Thank you so much for your help.

Subject:Re: Need Help Identifying
Posted By: abdul Fri, May 03, 2019

Here are the dimensions of the chinese printing block in question:
Height: 7"
Width: 4"
Thickness: 1 1/8" | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |