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Subject:Ukiyo-e Battle scene in water
Posted By: Jeremy Griego Tue, Apr 23, 2019 IP:

Need help with this print i just bought.
The seller said it's from Yoshitaka or maybe Yoshitoshi, but i really need help with translation.
If somebody could help, i will be very glad.

Subject:Re: Ukiyo-e Battle scene in water
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Apr 24, 2019

宇治川大戦場之圖 - Ujikawa Dai-senjō no Zu -
The Picture of the Great Battlefield at Uji River (The Battle of Uji River)
一震齋 - Isshinsai -Art-name
芳形画 - Yoshikata-ga - Picture of Yoshikata
🉀伊藤 - Iseya Itokichi (Publisher's mark)

Utagawa Yoshikata 歌川芳形 1841-64
Published in 1863

With regards,
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