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Subject:Identifying Red Chinese Glazes
Posted By: TKNZ Sat, Apr 06, 2019 IP:

Hi all,

I bought a red lidded vase when I was in Japan which I think is a modern reproduction of an older Chinese style (possibly Liao or Song; something around the 12thC) which is glazed in a pinkish-red with some green spots around it.
I tried to research the glaze so I could identify what period and culture it was trying to emulate, but the closest glaze I could find was Cowpea Red (豇豆红) which only came into use in the late Kangxi period. Apparently that glaze was based off the Ming-aged Jewel Red (宝石红), but that seemed a much darker shade than what my piece is. In any case, I think it's got to be a copper red glaze that they've used.

I was hoping someone might be able to enlighten me as to what style and period this vase is trying to look like, or if it's not a reproduction but instead a complete fantasy piece incorporating a mishmash of styles and periods? Also, is there any good visual resource for the different glazes and glazing techniques used in China over the centuries? I had a bit of a look for one but came up empty...

Thanks in advance!

Link :

Subject:Re: Identifying Red Chinese Glazes
Posted By: TKNZ Sun, Apr 07, 2019

Did some more research after making this post and it seems like there's a whole range of 'Peach Bloom' glazes and techniques for making them...
I've linked a very interesting article where a modern attempt was made at replicating them.
My question now would be whether or not the green spots are actually intentional on this vase; given how sparse and random they are in placement, I wonder if it was some sort of contamination that got onto the glaze and that they're therefore a fault and not a feature?


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